Deliver delight, surprise with love, and do good.

Lyft for Good empowers anyone who sees a community need to fill that need with Lyft. Inspired by the countless Lyft drivers who’ve taken initiative in their own communities, we turned this longstanding tradition of public service into a nationwide program.

The Lyft for Good program is rooted in three values:


Enable community members to find new ways to use Lyft to create change locally and nationwide. For example, groups of drivers have joined together to clean up parks and hold food drives at Thanksgiving for the hungry.


Bring greater independence and mobility to community members who can benefit from a ridesharing platform like Lyft, such as the driver volunteers who provide local seniors rides to their medical appointments.


Set root in our cities and commit to becoming a true force for good in our communities. In new markets, founding drivers select a local charity to receive matching donations from the city’s launch weekend rides.



Our goal is to power more than 100 community initiatives by the end of 2014, and we’ll share updates on that progress regularly on our blog

For Drivers

See a need in your community that Lyft could help with? If you’re a Lyft driver, share your ideas with us.


For Community Members

If you’re a community member who wants to nominate an organization or cause, let us know.