Lyft for Good

Beyond providing communities with welcoming, affordable rides, we want Lyft to be a force for good. Inspired by the countless Lyft drivers who've taken initiative to give back to their own communities, we turned this longstanding tradition of public service into a nationwide program. Lyft for Good program works with nonprofits and our driver community to create a positive social impact, one ride at a time.

The Lyft for Good program is rooted in three values:


Enable and connect drivers, riders and employees to find new ways to use Lyft to create change.  


Bring greater independence and mobility to community members who can benefit from a ridesharing platform like Lyft.


Set root in our cities and commit to becoming a true force for good in the  communities where our drivers and riders live and work.


Be a Force for Good

See a need in your community that Lyft could help with? If you’re a Lyft driver, share your ideas with us.


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