Introducing Lyft Plus, the Premium Ride Redefined

With an illuminated entrance, quilted leather seats, and custom amenities, your new premium ride has arrived… Welcome to Lyft Plus.

Today, we unveil Lyft Plus, a fresh and modern transportation experience with lower prices and higher capacity than current premium options. You can now request a sophisticated, custom six-seater just as you would any other Lyft ride. It’s the most versatile option available anywhere. Enjoy Lyft Plus on a date or a night out, on your own for maximum comfort, with clients on a business trip, or when traveling with your five best friends.

We partnered with West Coast Customs to take on the challenge of updating an outdated premium model. Founder Ryan Friedlinghaus and his team of custom car experts have worked with our brand team to design specialty Ford Explorers exclusively for Lyft Plus, with custom finishing touches:

  • Custom grille featuring an elegant brushed steel mustache

  • White exterior paint for a fresh, modern look

  • Illuminated entrance with custom under-car LED lights to make it clear your Lyft Plus has arrived

  • 20-inch sport wheels to keep you rolling in style

  • Custom interior leather in a quilted diamond pattern for luxury comfort

  • Special amenities with everything you need to recharge yourself and your devices

  • Spotify Premium in-car, putting the best playlists at drivers’ fingertips

We can’t wait for you to experience Lyft Plus for yourself. Since opening the waitlist last week, thousands of community members have requested invites. Today, we begin rolling out pilot access in San Francisco, with more cities following soon. Request your invite now!