Consider the game changed. Today, we’re releasing more than 100 new Lyft HotSpots. No matter where you are in the Drive Happy District, you’ve got a $5 Lyft Line nearby.

A month ago, we launched our first Lyft HotSpots. When the first wave of HotSpots went well, we added a few more. Then more. Your response has been amazing, so we decided it was time to go big. Now, you can get a $5 Lyft Line within the Drive Happy District* from more than 100 HotSpots.

Uncover all the HotSpots when you update to the latest version of the app, which notifies you when you’re in or near a HotSpot. Currently, all HotSpots are in the Drive Happy District, which has boundaries of east of Stanyan St. and north of Cesar Chavez St.


How It Works


1. Download the latest version of the app.

2. Open the app and select Line mode.

3. Move your pin to a HotSpot and walk to where it is.

4. Set a destination in the Drive Happy District.

This weekend, use HotSpots to save a few bucks, run errands, and explore your city. The city is yours, and you’ve got 100 new ways to get there.

Take a ride and share why you love your #LyftHotSpot.

* Lyft Line rides only. $5 price applies for single passenger rides only. Rides must originate at a HotSpot intersection and end in the Drive Happy District to qualify for the $5 price. Drive Happy District boundaries are east of Stanyan St. and north of Cesar Chavez St. Promotion for a limited time only and subject to change. Update your Lyft app to see HotSpot locations near you.