Lyft Badge Glossary

Badges are a way to commemorate your Lyft milestones while reaching VIP ride status.

As you earn more badges, you may be surprised with a reward down the road — so make sure to keep an eye on your inbox.

Without further ado, here’s a visual guide to badges and the keys to unlocking the whole pack.


Early Riser

Rise and shine! There’s more than one perk to starting your day early (and fully caffeinated). Pick up this badge when you ride between 4 AM-8 AM.


Night Crawler

Whether you’re out on the town, up late studying, or grabbing a midnight snack (*cough* burritos *cough*), ride between 10 PM-4 AM to unlock this badge.


Busy Bee

Check off errands on your to-do list and score this badge when you ride between 9 AM-4 PM.


Planning Pro

Planning ahead is just part of your routine — and you’re always on top of it. Unlock this badge by taking a scheduled ride. (Pro tip: You can schedule up to 7 days in advance!)


Happy Hour

Meeting coworkers after work? Grab the ride to or from the bar between 4 PM-8 PM to unlock. (And don’t forget you can split the cost right in the app, so you can save for the next round.)



When Friday finally hits, it’s time to celebrate. Take a ride any time on everyone’s favorite weekday to get this badge. Confetti not included.


Weekend Social

It’s the weekend and it’s time to let loose. Ride anywhere on Saturday or Sunday for this fluttering badge.


City Hopper

Jetsetters, unite. If you travel to a new city, simply ride with Lyft and you’ll add this badge to your pack.


Rideshare Champion

Sharing a Lyft Line ride is not only more affordable, but it’s also a great opportunity to meet the locals. Oh, and unlocking this badge is pretty cool, too.


Referral Pro

This is the the real deal. When you refer a friend, you’ll unlock the badge and score free ride credit. Boom.

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