We all know best things come in fives. High fives. Boybands. And the perfect Lyft Line. For a limited time, pay only $5 for Lyft Line rides requested and taken south of 97th Street within Manhattan.

Start your weekend off strong with friendly rides and an even friendlier price. Lyft Line matches you with others traveling the same way. Share the ride, pay less. Better yet, with Line your trip price is set from the get-go, and is always less than original Lyft.

Even if you don’t match with another passenger, your trip price is set at $5 when you’re riding solo. Bring a friend, and it’s just $1 extra.  

Whether you’re heading to the park, bar-crawling across the borough, or just trying to beat the heat, count on a $5 Line.

Valid for Lyft Line rides only. $5 price for one rider and $1 for each additional rider. Rides must originate and end south of 97th Street in Manhattan. Limited time only. Subject to Lyft's Terms of Service