Beyond providing communities with welcoming, affordable rides, we want Lyft to be a force for good. Inspired by the countless Lyft drivers who've taken initiative to give back to their own communities, we turned this longstanding tradition of public service into a nationwide program. Lyft for Good program works with nonprofits and our driver community to create a positive social impact, one ride at a time.

The Lyft for Good program is rooted in three values:


Enable and connect drivers, riders and employees to find new ways to use Lyft to create change.  


Bring greater independence and mobility to community members who can benefit from a ridesharing platform like Lyft.


Set root in our cities and commit to becoming a true force for good in the  communities where our drivers and riders live and work.


Be a Force for Good

Apply here for monetary donations and ride credits on behalf of the charitable causes you care about most.

Name *
An EIN (or employer identification number) is a nine-digit number assigned by the IRS and only relevant for US nonprofits. This number helps us to verify the charitable status of the organization. If you do not know it, that’s ok.
If you don’t have a website, include a link to a social media account or other site describing your organization.
Type of Requestor *
Briefly explain the organization's mission and why you think they are a great fit for Lyft support.
Is this about an event?
i.e. Food Drive
Event Date
Event Date
What is the purpose of this request and how will it help the organization achieve its goals?

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