The world of Lyft is full of stories, friends, and traditions that we're constantly referencing. Here are a few of them. 


Bagel Wednesdays

In honor of the driver training sessions we used to hold every Wednesday in the Lyft HQ, we still get bagels delivered to the office every week to bring joy to Hump Day.


community hangouts

Whether organized by drivers or our community team, these hangouts are a long-standing tradition where the Lyft community can come together — over Red Bulls late at night, yoga classes in the park, and everything in between.



This cuddly, pint-sized ’stache plush is known to bring delight to all it encounters.


John & Logan

United by chance through a mutual friend, co-founders John Zimmer and Logan Green bonded over the shared idea to change transportation for the better.



The latest evolution of our iconic mustache. 



A hashtag used to show appreciation for anything Lyft that makes your day, or for anyone from the community who's made your day. 


Lyft Day

Every July 13, we celebrate what the city of San Francisco deemed Lyft Day by gathering our drivers and passengers together for fun, performances, and awards.


Night Crawlers

This self-organized group of drivers prefers the night shift, and gathers for late-night meetups and caffeine-fueling sessions.



The simple idea of coming together to get around. Ridesharing introduces new friends, invites serendipity, and decreases the number of cars on the road.



The first driver to reach 10,000 rides on the Lyft platform. A total legend.



Lyft launched from Zimride, a platform that coordinated shared rides for longer trips. During a Zimride hackathon in 2012, the idea for on-demand ridesharing was born, and Lyft launched in San Francisco shortly thereafter.