Lyftacular New Year’s Eve: Driving until 3am!

Great news for the pink mustache faithful! Your community Lyft drivers will be available until 3:00 am on New Year’s Eve to take you home (or to your next celebration destination).

Also, since going out on New Year’s Eve can get a little pricey (tickets to the hippest party, designer silver-glittered 2013 glasses, oh my!), Lyft is not increasing suggested donations on the 31st. Passengers will see the same suggested donations they normally see for similar routes.

However, in appreciation of drivers spending New Year’s Eve being San Francisco’s most amazing party-chariots, Lyft will match all donations to drivers that night! We expect a lot of ball-drop enthusiasts requesting Lyft rides and want to encourage as many community drivers as possible to take you safely between celebrations. We expect Lyft to be in very high demand, so please don’t be surprised if it takes a few minutes to find a ride.

The Lyft movement has had an incredible 2012 and we appreciate your help in making it so memorable. Please share your stories and photos of your Lyftacular New Year’s Eve with us on Twitter @lyft or on Facebook.

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