Progress: Lyft Reaches Interim Agreement with CPUC

Today marks an early sign of progress, and we’re happy to share that we have come to an interim agreement with the CPUC. This agreement supports the continued legal operation of Lyft and sets a precedent for the upcoming rulemaking process. This agreement would not have been possible without the outpouring of support from the community. Thank you for your thousands of emails and phone calls — they had an impact.

Over the last five years, Zimride has focused on improving the safety and convenience of peer-to-peer transportation. We’re strong believers in the idea that community can solve the largest problems of our time, but we also knew our vision would be met with adversity along the way. In August of 2012, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) sent Lyft a cease & desist letter followed by a $20,000 fine. As participants in a new category, we believed that our goals of safety and innovation were not too different from those of the CPUC, and we worked diligently with them to develop a responsible plan forward.

Most importantly, Lyft continues to use strict metrics to ensure the community's safety:

  • $1 million per-occurrence excess liability insurance
  • Seven-year criminal background checks, and DMV record checks on all community drivers
  • In-person screening & vehicle inspection
  • Zero-tolerance drug and alcohol policy
  • 5-star rating system for community drivers and passengers

This is only the beginning. As we expand in 2013, we’ll continue to work with cities and regulators to build a more social, affordable and sustainable transportation solution. You are our community’s pioneers who make this vision possible, and we thank you for supporting the movement.


Logan Green & John Zimmer
Co-Founders, Lyft & Zimride

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