Lyft Stories: Pam and Wendy

Lyft is powered by a vibrant, creative community of drivers and passengers – each with their own inspiring stories. Today, we’re delighted to start sharing those stories through a new series of videos spotlighting community members using Lyft as a platform for their creativity, and giving back to their neighbors and cities.

Our first Lyft Story comes from twin sisters Pam and Wendy Michaelson. After moving to the U.S. from South Africa, they began cooking traditional South African food for friends in San Francisco. When their cuisine scored rave reviews, they decided to open Amawele’s South African Kitchen, a restaurant dedicated to their heritage.

Pam and Wendy joined the Lyft SF community as drivers as they got the restaurant off the ground, giving them the flexibility to follow their dream!

Congrats, Pam and Wendy. Thanks for sharing your #LyftStories!

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