Lyft Has Launched!

Lyft Has Launched!

Oh, what a ride!

A fistbump of gratitude to our trailblazing Lyfters for igniting SF with pink mustache fever! Today we’re launching out of beta and inviting everyone on board, including Android users. Spread the love to your friends, or download for yourself from the Google Play Store.

Tip is now included.

The Lyft donation system is unique, so we want to clarify how it works:

The donation is the whole thing.
After your Lyft ride, you’ll see a “suggested donation.” That’s the whole payment – there are no other charges. To make things simpler, a $2 tip is now factored into the suggested amount.

You never need cash.
All payments happen by credit card, no cash necessary…ever.

Thank you to everyone who’s been a part of the early days of Lyft. We’re excited to be changing the face of transportation with this great community, one pink mustache at a time!

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