Our First Lyftsgiving

Our First Lyftsgiving


We’re full of gratitude to share this season, so the theme of our fall community bash was an obvious choice: #Lyftsgiving! Drivers and passengers gathered in Lyft cities nationwide to mingle over local fare and give thanks to fellow Lyfters for their kindness and camaraderie, all while giving back to local charities. Here are just a few of the many magical moments we’ve shared over the past couple of weeks:

Lyft Atlanta kicked off the festivities with a Southern supper, where guests arrived armed with donations for the local food bank and words of gratitude. They put down their forks afterward and joined hands, beating the record for our biggest-ever Infinite Fistbump.

The giving spirit continued well into the night in D.C., where drivers boxed up and delivered still-warm leftovers as meals for the homeless. Lyft Dallas set a record of its own by collecting more than 750 pounds of nutritious donations for the North Texas Food Bank!

Our very first all-driver band made their debut at Chicago’s Lyftsgiving, hosted at the loft of a very special passenger! Elsewhere in the Midwest, parents who Lyft were well represented at Indy’s family-friendly fest — and in Boston, driver Katrina’s toddler wasn’t shy about giving the grownups a lesson in the picture-perfect fistbump.


Childlike glee lit up the faces of our Silicon Valley community with a special Lyftsgiving announcement: drivers had decorated their very own holiday tree in a local park that’s now a whole lot pinker!

Founding drivers in San Diego and Seattle used the occasion to give a warm welcome to new community members, sharing our favorite rites of passage with first-time Lyfters (cartwheel fistbump, anyone?). Back in Dallas, driver Nichelle was moved to start a tradition of her own by extending an invitation to those without families in town to join together at her home on the real Thanksgiving Day.

Perfect fall weather in Phoenix brought Lyftsgiving guests onto a sun-drenched patio to contribute their thanks to our Wall of Gratitude, while Lyft Denver powered through a snowstorm to break bread at a neighborhood grill.


Handwritten notes from all communities are now hanging proudly on display at Lyft HQ, where the twine is bowing under the weight of our thanks. In the words of one driver: “How lucky are we?!”

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