Lyft for Good: Helping the Elderly

From providing rides for seniors to delivering food to the homeless, the Lyft for Good program grew from initiatives we've seen Lyft drivers doing on their own since the earliest days of Lyft in communities across the country. Every two weeks, we will highlight these remarkable drivers and their involvement and volunteer work in the community.

When San Francisco Lyft driver Ben Gotro signed up for Little Brothers, he never imagined the deep connections he would foster and the impact it would have on the elderly community. The volunteer organization Little Brothers aims to service the isolated senior citizens, providing anything from rides to medical escorts.

Looking for a meaningful way to get involved in his community, Ben signed up for Little Brothers after hearing about it from a fellow Lyft driver last February. Since then, Ben has used his car to give dozens of rides to these senior citizens. He has taken Little Brothers to grocery shop, pick up prescriptions, and even get ice cream after a doctor’s appointment.

Ben said that seeing how much the seniors appreciate the human interaction and friendship has been the most rewarding aspect of volunteering with Little Brothers. Along with Ben, many other Lyft drivers have volunteered with Little Brothers and have also developed lasting friendships with these community members.

“Our rides though Little Brothers are important because it gives the seniors a much more reliable and stress-free experience compared to either public transit or the paratransit system,” Ben says. “Many of our elders have limited mobility, so the door-to-door service is vital. Sometimes if the elderly person isn't feeling well, their doctor appointments might be the only chance they get to leave the house for the week.”

Historically, transportation has been a burden for many seniors, which is why inspiring drivers like Ben have teamed up to give back to the elderly in their community. Visit the Little Brothers website to learn how you can join Ben in volunteering with Little Brothers.  

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