Congrats, Stephen! 10,000 Rides and Rolling Strong

Congrats, Stephen! 10,000 Rides and Rolling Strong

All Lyft drivers are pioneers, bringing new transportation options, experiences, and connections to nearly 70 cities across the country. However, one driver in particular just broke new ground – San Francisco driver Stephen Mullen just became the first to reach 10,000 rides!

“Lyft is doing something that’s helping people out,” Stephen says, explaining why he’s kept the wheels rolling through 10,000 rides. The feeling is mutual – passengers have called Stephen “super helpful and extremely nice,” and “a fistbumping machine.” One rider sums it up: “Stephen is amazing! He represents everything Lyft was, is and will forever be: a friend with a car. ”

“It’s mind-blowing how many people I’ve met,” says Stephen, thinking back on the more than 10,000 Lyft passengers encountered over the years. “I’ve been a very lucky person.” Being a natural conversationalist has helped Stephen connect deeply with people, many of whom share thoughts on life philosophy and open up about who they are. He’s always willing to give "big-brother advice” to passengers, and says those rides are his most memorable.

A few more memorable moments Stephen’s enjoyed along his journey:

  • First ride: September 21, 2012 with Autumn
  • 10,000th ride: October 25, 2014 with Monica
  • Reached milestone in 25 months, giving an average of 400 rides per month
  • Driven 27,000+ miles on Lyft rides
  • Given rides to 109 Lyft employees – including six to Lyft cofounders John and Logan

Stephen was among the earliest drivers in San Francisco, getting on the road within Lyft’s first few months. Originally hailing from Philadelphia with a long career in architecture, Stephen joined the Lyft community during the economic downturn, and calls Lyft a “lifesaver on the financial side.” Stephen was even the first Android app driver, being a guinea pig for the engineering team’s second mobile platform.

To commemorate his achievement, we presented Stephen with a gold-embossed 10,000 rides poster signed by the entire company during a ceremony at HQ, and cheered his remarks with a standing ovation. Stephen says he’s not done yet, and can’t wait to reach the next milestone. Keep an eye out for this living legend, who could even give you a ride in San Francisco!

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