Lyft Launches Lyft for Work: Postmates, Lovely & Thumbtack Among Pilot Partners

Lyft Launches Lyft for Work: Postmates, Lovely & Thumbtack Among Pilot Partners

The average American has a daily commute of 50 minutes, and studies show that the commute is one of our least favorite parts of the day. And across the country, nearly 80% of workers drive to work alone. Imagine if that 80% of people filled the seats in their cars through Lyft — we could eliminate rush hour congestion, drastically reduce travel time and make the commute more enjoyable.

That’s what we’re aiming to do with Lyft for Work, a new program launching today. With Adobe, Lovely, Postmates, Thumbtack and 24 other partners from across the country already signed on as pilot partners, Lyft for Work lets companies invest in optimizing employees’ commutes by minimizing transit time, maximizing productivity at work and helping fill the gaps left by public transit.

Lyft for Work brings us one step closer to our vision of making our cities feel smaller, more efficient and better connected through shared rides, which has been our goal since founding our original company, Zimride. Starting in 2007, Zimride’s platform was powered through partnerships with companies and college campuses where individuals shared common starting points or destinations.

With Lyft Line now available in San Francisco and Los Angeles, employees going in a similar direction or to the same location can be matched for a fraction of the price — turning their commute into a sustainable, personal transit system that arrives at their doorstep.

Here’s how it works:

  • Partners can issue employees a monthly credit balance that can be applied exclusively to rides to and from the office, an event location and even certain public transit stops.
  • Employee credits are customizable through geofencing and time restriction capabilities. For instance, a partner can choose to create credits that can only be applied to rides from the office after 8pm at night for those who work late.

  • Partners can create Lyft Line-exclusive credits to encourage employees to share their commute with other passengers headed in a similar direction.

  • It's easy to issue individual credit codes for recruiting candidates to get to and from an interview, whether they’re coming from home or directly from the airport.

Not only can Lyft commuter benefits improve morale and productivity in the short term, but insights on commute lengths and schedules can also help inform future HR decisions to keep employees happy long-term.

By encouraging their employees to share the ride, companies nationwide are pioneering a movement toward more efficient, affordable commutes and ultimately, a happier workforce.

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