Lyft for Good: Lunches for the Hungry

Lyft for Good: Lunches for the Hungry

After hosting a Lyft community party, Denver driver Brittany Cameron was inspired to donate all of the leftover food to the homeless in her community. This night kickstarted a new goal for Brittany: to think of more ways to help the hungry.

Freshly inspired to give back to her community, Brittany teamed up with another Lyft driver, Susan Parker, and together they bagged lunches to be delivered to the homeless. They packed about 80 Ziploc lunches and handed them out until they ran out entirely. This inspired Brittany to give out lunches again in November. Eventually, she aspires to start a monthly volunteer initiative that brings drivers together to make and distribute lunches to their communities’ underserved.

Brittany says the biggest reward is seeing seeing the reactions of those she surprises. Most of the people she serves don’t know when or where their next meal will come from, so being able to fill that void and offer some assurance is extremely gratifying.  

“Whether it giving out bags or impacting someone with a smile, random acts of kindness are important because they make people happy and keep them engaged in their communities,” Brittany says.   

Brittany always enjoyed giving back to others, even before packing lunches. Last spring, she filled her car with care packages holding Kleenex, washcloths, and McDonald’s gift certificates and gave them to those in need. Brittany exemplifies how the Lyft community extends beyond rides, as Lyft drivers continue to take part in their communities by giving back.  We look forward to watching Brittany’s initiative grow as more drivers get involved.

The Lyft for Good program grew from self-led volunteer initiatives we've seen from Lyft drivers in their communities. Lyft drivers have gone above and beyond in communities nationwide to perform these acts of kindness, so we wanted to support those efforts by creating a channel for even more drivers and passengers to give back in the future. Every two weeks, our Lyft for Good series will highlight these remarkable drivers and their impact in their communities.


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