Become a Lyft Driver on Your Way to Work - Introducing Driver Destination

Become a Lyft Driver on Your Way to Work - Introducing Driver Destination

Since August, Lyft Line has created thousands of new connections by linking passengers heading the same direction on their daily rides. Starting today, we’re bringing the convenience of shared rides along shared routes to the driver side of the experience. Lyft’s new Driver Destination unlocks a new opportunity for people to give a ride during their own driving trips — like when running errands, or commuting everyday to work. 

Nearly 80% of commuters currently drive to work alone. With the latest evolution of Lyft Line, now these drivers can easily turn their daily solo drives into shared rides. Here’s how it works: when drivers enter a destination into the Lyft app, they will only receive ride requests from Lyft Line passengers going the same way, with minimal detours. Drivers can earn even more every week by starting to pick up rides while heading to and from work — some of the busiest times of day. By enabling Lyft Line with Driver Destination to and from work every day, you could earn up to $400 per month – enough to cover a car payment — and connect with interesting people who live and work nearby.

Connecting these rides will also help reduce traffic and expand sustainable transit options. According to Amanda Eaken, Deputy Director of Sustainable Communities at the Natural Resources Defense Council, "Enabling people who were already driving somewhere to seamlessly pick up a passenger gets us one step closer to real-time, dynamic ride-sharing. This will not only help reduce the number of cars on our congested roads, it will also cut our oil demand and carbon pollution."

Across San Francisco and Los Angeles, Lyft Line has linked tens of thousands of passengers along common routes — passengers have met neighbors, made new friends, and networked with new business connections. Now, Driver Destination makes it possible for even more people to become Lyft drivers, and fill the empty seats in their cars during trips they’d ordinarily drive alone. Providing this opportunity to car owners everywhere has always been one of our goals, first with Zimride and now with Lyft, and today we’ve taken a huge step forward in securing that vision.

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