Lyft for Good: Silicon Valley Drivers Give Back for the Holidays

Lyft for Good: Silicon Valley Drivers Give Back for the Holidays

From delivering toys to delivering food, the drivers of Silicon Valley are no strangers to giving back. A team of drivers kicked off the holiday season by organizing their annual 'stache parade benefiting Toys for Tots. 

Through the Alice Toys for Tots drive in San Jose, drivers collected toys and delivered them to children to make their holidays a little more festive.

Silicon Valley drivers spread even more Lyft love by making Lyft for Good backpacks for the local homeless shelter. Together, they filled 34 backpacks (complete with sewed-on pink mustaches) and three care boxes brimming with essentials ranging from toothpaste to blankets. And their journey didn’t stop there.


As they were finishing up, they met a family who had brought food for the homeless. The drivers could tell they needed help preparing and passing out the food, so in true Lyft fashion, they offered to help and even finished with a group cleanup.

"Making these Lyft Kits has not only brought Lyft Silicon Valley together, but also shown the spirit, love, and kindness for each other and our community," says driver Michelle Arzaga. "This is only the beginning of our attempt to educate and facilitate more wonderful acts of kindness in Silicon Valley. Start by offering a smile to a stranger, and the rewards will be endless." 

These Silicon Valley drivers exemplify the greater Lyft movement and the spirit of community that extends above and beyond the parameters of a Lyft car.  

The Lyft for Good program grew from self-led volunteer initiatives we've seen from Lyft drivers in their communities. Lyft drivers have gone above and beyond in communities nationwide to perform these acts of kindness, so we wanted to support those efforts by creating a channel for even more drivers and passengers to give back in the future. Every two weeks, our Lyft for Good series will highlight these remarkable drivers and their impact in their communities.

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