16 Reasons 2014 was the Best Year Ever

16 Reasons 2014 was the Best Year Ever

Ah, 2014. The year of the spider dog, the Oscar selfie, and the Taco Bell breakfast. The year we dumped ice water on ourselves and T. Swift shook it off. The year that Frozen song was always either on your TV, or in your head.

Clearly, 2014 was one helluva year. In case you forgot just how great it was, let’s recap our favorite moments as documented by you on Twitter:

1. Because people finally recognized that you’re the next Drake:

2. Because you never stopped flattering each other:

3. Because you invented new smells:

4. Because you all agreed on the core facts of life:

5. Because you’re all foodies deep inside:

6. Because you opened up about trust issues:

7. Because you took a moment to feel classy:

8. Because you still aren’t ashamed of your musical past:

9. Because new best friends were everywhere:

10. Because Lyft rides are safer than the Titanic:

11. Because the Cuddlestache was invented:

12. Because you celebrated the BIG moments in the best way:

13. Because you found just the right person to talk to:

14. Because you were there to lend each other a helping hand:

15. Because you’re still learning new things every day:

16. Because your dreams came true:

There you have it, folks! If 2014 was this good, we can't wait to see what 2015 has in store. 

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