Lyft Me in St. Louis

Lyft Me in St. Louis

There’s a new way to travel between the banks of the Missouri and the shores of the Mississippi. River City, rides with Lyft are now heading your way!

From its booming tech scene to creative community culture, St. Louis is a perfect fit for Lyft. Lyft will help bring communities across St. Louis’ 79 different neighborhoods together, while also allowing residents and visitors to be more flexible when it comes to exploring the city and finding a safe and affordable ride wherever they’re headed.

The Lyft experience is much more than your typical ride - from the pink mustaches that help you spot drivers’ cars, to the fistbump greeting when you enter, and even the conversations and musical stylings that help carry you along the journey. In St. Louis, you could catch rides with an actress, grad students, entrepreneurs, or any other of the founding drivers that will be cruising around town, bearing their pink mustaches with pride.

The Lyft Pioneer program in St. Louis means all new passengers get two weeks of free rides. Just download the Lyft app, and you’ll be on your way, for free, with Lyft. We look forward to seeing lots of new passengers cruising by the Gateway Arch, and beyond!

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