Welcome to Navigation Nirvana

Welcome to Navigation Nirvana

Now, you have the option to enter your destination after requesting a pickup, for a seamless start to every ride.


In a hurry? Save time by entering your destination while waiting for your driver. Even before you start typing, you'll see your five most frequented locations pop up. Select one of those, or enter a new address. Your driver won’t see your destination until after you hop in and they start the Lyft. The app will then instantly queue up the route.  


If you need to change course mid-ride, just open the app and update the address. Your new location will automatically appear on your driver's screen. Pretty nifty.


If you prefer to do your own navigating or have your driver put in the destination, just tell your driver. Your choice!

This new feature will not affect the price of your ride. As always, the cost will be calculated by the actual route taken. 

Can't wait to get going? Update your Lyft app for iOS or Android to try it out on your next ride!

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