Lyft Partners with Freelancers Union

Lyft Partners with Freelancers Union

Lyft drivers across the country have sparked a movement in peer-to-peer transportation by delighting passengers with safe, affordable rides and memorable experiences. Every driver has a unique story to tell, and through Lyft, they’re empowered to follow their passions, from photography to music, graphic design to cooking.

To show our appreciation, we recently announced a partnership with AnyPerk that gives drivers access to dozens of perks and discounts. Today, we’re bringing even more benefits to the Lyft driver community through a partnership with Freelancers Union, a 250,000 member labor organization representing the independent workforce.

We understand that finding sufficient health insurance can be difficult for freelancers and independent workers. We’re thrilled to share that Freelancers Union’s National Benefit Platform will now offer Lyft drivers access to high-quality health insurance, retirement plans and other benefits, which will be available this fall for open enrollment.

The growing independent workforce now consists of over 42 million Americans (or one in every three workers), and we’re proud that thousands of these freelancers have turned to Lyft to help make ends meet. We will continue to work closely with Freelancers Union to explore new ways to serve the Lyft driver community.

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