Lyft's Insurance Policy

In 2012, Lyft worked with insurance industry leaders to pioneer our $1M excess liability insurance coverage to protect our community members.

We stand behind this policy that, from the beginning, was designed to drop down to the first dollar and act as primary in the case that a driver’s personal policy does not respond. Millions of rides later, the policy has worked as designed and provided excellent coverage for the community. This policy has also been shared and approved by local officials across the country. In other jurisdictions, local leaders have asked us to provide more specific primary coverage.

In response to that feedback from leaders in markets such as New York, California and Seattle, Lyft has voluntarily converted its policy from excess to be primary to a driver’s personal policy during the period from the time a driver accepts a ride request until the time the ride has ended in the app. This major change is part of our continued effort to ensure the safety of our community.

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