"Why Lyft?" A Message from Lyft's New Creative Director

"Why Lyft?" A Message from Lyft's New Creative Director

Why Lyft? Some might say that is the ultimate question to ask to determine the mission, direction, and ultimately the spirit of the Lyft brand. The answer to that question is the reason Lyft strives to be the brand that everyone wants to be a part of. For me, the answer to this question was simple: It’s not every day that all of the ingredients for an amazing brand perfectly align and create a space where the potential and opportunity is entirely limitless.

Lyft is about technology and innovation, but it’s also about freedom and community. It is a community that thrives on the passion of both its passengers and its drivers to completely reinvent the way we navigate our urban landscapes. At the same time, it’s about having fun, not taking ourselves too seriously and making new and lasting connections along the way.

Great brands do this. They are more than just the products and services they create. They are a vision for something bigger, a feeling that the sum of all parts is something so much more than we might even imagine. They are the brands that inspire movements and shake whole industries out of their slumber to keep innovating and making the world a more interesting, more sustainable and ultimately better place to live.

Someday, Lyft is going to be one of the great global brands. To be a part of shaping the path for where such an exciting brand will go is not only a special opportunity, it’s the chance of a lifetime. I can’t wait to experience it all with you.

— Jesse

As Creative Director at Lyft, Jesse McMillin is responsible for leading the creative vision for the brand as we reinvent how to bring communities together through transportation. Prior to Lyft, Jesse spent seven years as Creative Director at Virgin America, where he was responsible for defining the iconic brand the airline has become today. From the gate areas at Virgin America’s SFO Terminal 2 home base to in-flight details such as beverage cups and headsets, the products of Jesse’s endless inspiration is evident throughout the Virgin America experience, both online and offline.

Before joining Virgin America in 2007, Jesse was a Senior Designer at Nike’s European Headquarters in Amsterdam where he worked on sportswear and branding for the EMEA region. His background also includes time as Art Director for Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners West, a stint as a graphic designer for Levi Strauss & Co. and a variety of work in the skateboard industry as a designer and illustrator.

Jesse attended the San Francisco Art Institute and the Academy of Art in San Francisco. He is married with two children and lives in San Francisco.


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