Our App's Brand New Design

Our App's Brand New Design

We’ve taken our app to a whole new level with a complete visual redesign. Hear from Frank, Director of Product Design, and Marc, Senior Designer, about what’s changed, why, and some fun insider facts.


Frank: This redesign harmonizes our visual language — it introduces more consistency throughout the UI. The app is now brighter and warmer to match the friendly vibe of Lyft, while modernizing the look and feel and improving clarity of content and function.

Marc: We've boosted the clarity of text and the vibrancy of colors – including an all-new Lyft pink! The app also lives and breathes in real-time. When you pull out the new menu, cars on the map keep moving behind you, and your current location continues to pulse.


Marc: We took opportunities to refine and simplify. Indicators and user interface elements on the map have been distilled. The mode toggle is integrated into the navigation bar. We've also refined our iconic balloon – we've lost the car and cartoon face in favor of a sleeker, more essential graphic with subtle dimension.

“Fun fact: The new balloon’s gradient is derived from our old Lyft pink and our new Lyft pink blended together.”




Frank: When it comes to design at Lyft, we obsess over details. We strive for simplicity. Any time we're considering a new feature, we debate whether or not each UI element or line of copy has a justifiable purpose. If it doesn’t hold water in that regard, then it doesn’t ship. We really pride ourselves on minimizing user friction and maintaining a high bar of quality in our execution.

By themselves, these details may go unnoticed by non-design nerds; but, on the whole, we believe it makes a huge difference to pay attention to all the small things.

Download the latest version today to check out our new look firsthand!


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