More Than a Ride

More Than a Ride

Who are Lyft drivers? Well, we could go on for hours… The short version is that they’re Olympians, kindergarten teachers, indie-rock keyboardists, tornado chasers, and everything in between — each with their own story, just like our passengers. And when we put them together, it becomes less about getting from point A to point B, and more about the experience you have along the way. See what a few of our drivers do when they’re not behind the wheel.


Olympic gold medalist Tony has set records in the 50-meter freestyle. On land, he’s a water safety educator and swim coach.


Marlena, a.k.a.Terrarium Girl, runs a flower shop that specializes in succulent arrangements.



As a particle physicist and Stanford Ph.D student, Spencer spends his days shooting laser beams and creating plasma tunnels, all for the good of science.


Singer-songwriter Lara hails from Denver, where she’s finishing up her debut folk-country album (that was fully funded on Kickstarter!).


A professional pastry chef by trade, Niki is known for her delicious macarons, mustache-shaped cookies, and other treats that she shares with her lucky passengers.




Angel, one of the first 50 Lyft drivers in the country, has a history of helping others: he served in the military, and is now a firefighter in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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