Lyft Expands Lyft Line to Los Angeles

Lyft Expands Lyft Line to Los Angeles

Can you imagine LA without traffic? Los Angeles is often ranked the country’s most traffic-congested city, but it will only take one small change to fix this city’s legendary gridlock problem: increase vehicle occupancy. 88% of drivers during commute hours travel alone — adding more passengers to each vehicle will decrease the number of cars on the road, and subsequently reduce congestion.

In August, we introduced Lyft Line to San Francisco, offering residents an affordable, efficient way to get around by connecting shared rides along shared routes. Today we’re excited to expand this new form of personal transit to Los Angeles, beginning with a limited launch that will roll out to all LA users in coming weeks.

When we first shared our plans with Los Angeles Council Member Mitchell Englander, he shared our vision for the potential of Lyft Line in the City of Angels. "The shared rides Lyft Line provides have enormous potential to lessen traffic gridlock, improve air quality, and increase affordable transportation options,” Council Member Englander said. “Los Angeles continues to embrace innovative solutions to our infrastructure challenges and I'm excited to see the role Lyft Line can play in reducing the number of cars on our roads and freeways."

Juan Matute, Associate Director at UCLA’s Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies, also provided additional insight around the need for shared transit in LA. “The transportation sector is the largest source of climate pollution, accounting for 37% of California’s greenhouse gas emissions,” he told us. “If more Southern Californians regularly engaged in shared rides like Lyft Line, we could see a reduction in rush hour traffic congestion and petroleum use. In fact, if ridesharing in California increased by only three percent, fuel use could be reduced by 713 million gallons a year.”

LA was Lyft’s second city back in January of 2013, and has grown to be one of Lyft’s largest markets. With more than 80 spread out neighborhoods, the greater LA Lyft community has found ways to bring people together and help make their cities feel smaller and better connected.

Today, we’ll be one step closer to a traffic-free LA with Lyft Line. And now that Lyft Line is available for both iOS and Android, even more passengers can share the ride.


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