Lyft Acquires Hitch to Accelerate Lyft Line Expansion

Lyft Acquires Hitch to Accelerate Lyft Line Expansion

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve acquired Hitch, the ridesharing platform that connects multiple passengers traveling along similar routes. With this acquisition, Hitch co-founders Snir Kodesh and Noam Szpiro will join the Lyft team as we continue to expand personal transit to more cities across the country.  

John and Logan met the Hitch team over a year ago and as both teams talked, they realized they shared the same vision of connecting people through more affordable and efficient transportation options. Similar to Lyft, Hitch has always believed the shared rides experience is inherently social, and we’re excited that they’re joining the team to accelerate this movement together.

Snir and Noam are both originally from Israel, where Moniyot Sherut, or shared taxis, are the most affordable and efficient way to travel the city. They carried this inspiration throughout their education, studying computer science at Stanford and Cambridge Universities, respectively. The two met during their time as engineers at Ooyala and quickly realized they were equally fascinated with using technology to solve problems in transportation. Together they built Hitch in 2013.

Starting tomorrow, the Hitch platform will close for drivers and passengers. We’re excited to welcome current Hitch drivers into the Lyft community, many of whom are already signed on as ridesharing drivers.

Lyft Line is in its early stages, and we’re only beginning to see what we can do with shared rides. We have seen incredible growth and demand for Lyft Line in San Francisco, and the Hitch team and technology will help us move even faster to bring shared rides to more people.

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