Lyft for Good: Denver Drivers Volunteer with Project Angel Heart

On December 5th, drivers in Denver partnered with Project Angel Heart to deliver meal kits to residents living with life-threatening illnesses. Serving over one-thousand meals a week, Project Angel Heart aims to provide ill Colorado residents with a week’s worth of homemade and nutritious meals. 

Project Angel Heart volunteers prepared the meal kits, filling them with delicious, home-cooked dishes then Lyft drivers delivered them, one-by-one, to those in need. Instead of spending their Friday night dropping off passengers, these drivers chose to help the sick and underserved in their community.

In fact, many drivers enjoyed their experience volunteering with Project Angel Heart so much, that they are committed to making this a weekly Lyft for Good event.

Driver Laura Cook Newman said:

“We plan on making this a recurring and sustainable volunteer opportunity for Denver Lyft drivers to perform on Friday and Saturday afternoons.”

These Denver drivers truly embody the Lyft spirit, and we hope drivers continue to inspire the greater Lyft community by giving back through organizations like Project Angel Heart.

The Lyft for Good program grew from self-led volunteer initiatives we've seen from Lyft drivers in their communities. Lyft drivers have gone above and beyond in communities nationwide to perform these acts of kindness, so we wanted to support those efforts by creating a channel for even more drivers and passengers to give back in the future. Every two weeks, our Lyft for Good series will highlight these remarkable drivers and their impact in their communities.

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