Lyft for Good: Drivers Donate to Austin AIDS Walk

Lyft for Good: Drivers Donate to Austin AIDS Walk

One of our local drivers said it best: “Lyft brings Austinites together to do great things in the community.”

Whether it’s repairing flood damages to the park or delivering meals to homebound seniors, Austin Lyft drivers are always giving back. Just last weekend, they were at it again with the Austin AIDS Walk: raising more than four thousand dollars in donations, drivers volunteered their time and a portion of their tips to this noteworthy cause. 

As part of an entirely self-led volunteer initiative, these outstanding drivers created the “Lyft Austin Weird” team to to raise awareness of and support AIDS Services of Austin. Last Sunday, drivers joined fellow Austinites to walk together in support of the cause.

For over a month prior, many of the drivers pledged up to 50% of the tips they made driving for Lyft (which you can track on their RideCares site), raising nearly $950 in tip donations alone. Along with the donations they’ve received voluntarily, they have collectively raised $4,136.20 to date — 83% of the way towards reaching their goal of $5K.  

Looking ahead at the City Council’s discussions next week to determine the future of ridesharing, we’re excited to see our Austin drivers come together and give back to their local community.  

*If you’d like to contribute to their cause, you can donate through their AIDS Walk Austin Fundraising Page.*

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