Lyft for Good: Red Cross Volunteers Use Lyft To Get To Disaster Sites

Lyft for Good: Red Cross Volunteers Use Lyft To Get To Disaster Sites

Lyft for Good is all about real people helping real people. Whether that means offering a ride or giving back to someone in need, Lyft reconnects people and communities through transportation.

Meet Billy, a Red Cross Lead Volunteer, Lyft enthusiast, and full-time software technician. In February, we partnered with the Red Cross Disaster Program to provide volunteers with Lyft rides — and now, Billy can get to and from disaster sites for free.

Billy raved that... 

“Lyft has been been extremely beneficial for the whole team; now, we can rely on a fast, convenient ride, which allows us to get people affected by disaster off the sidewalk and into a shelter sooner.”

He continued, explaining that,

 “So many of my drivers see me in my Red Cross gear and offer to give me the ride for free  — not knowing Lyft is already donating it."

The volunteers of the Red Cross Disaster Program are the first to respond to emergencies and disasters such as fires, earthquakes, and floods; they use their spare time to make sure that victims are fed, clothed, and sheltered throughout their recovery.

We’re thrilled with the opportunity to partner with their San Francisco chapter to help these admirable volunteers get to and from disasters sites.

Billy put it best when he said,

“It's amazing to see people who, when given the opportunity to do something good for others, jump at the chance.”

We look forward to sharing the gift of Lyft through the holidays and well into the New Year.

Photography by Cat Gurinksy


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