The Happiest Tweets of January

The Happiest Tweets of January

As you may have heard, January’s brought some big changes to Lyft. For starters, our app got a facelift and a few swanky new features, we brought on some kickass leadership, and your in-car experience got a little brighter

But enough about us—in 2015, it’s all about you. And if your tweets are any indication, we think the new year’s off to a bangin’ start. Here are the happiest moments of 2015 as told through your tweets. 

When you rang in the new year together:


...And then stuffed your faces together:

That time you embraced your inner diva:

And gave each other heartfelt advice:

When you spoke a language all your own:

And understood sometimes you don’t need words:

When your driver had the most interesting background:

And then you realized that everyone has an interesting background:

When strangers turned into friends:

...And business partners:

When you agreed on the truly important issues in life:

And were introduced to new things:

When they discovered the way to your heart is through your stomach:

...And your ears:

When the unexpected made you smile:

And technology actually brought you closer together, not further apart:

It's shaping up to be quite a happy year. See you next month!

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