The Happiest Tweets of February

The Happiest Tweets of February

February was chock-full of excitement, with the Super Bowl, the GRAMMYs, New York Fashion Week, Valentine’s Day, Mardi Gras, the Oscars, and of course George Lopez in a lowrider.

Nothing, however, made your month brighter than the little things in life (like pizza). Here are the happiest moments of February, according to your tweets:

When you found the Batman to your Robin:

And you just couldn't even:

That time you bonded over late-night cravings:

And still stayed on your fitness grind:

When you discovered new trends:

...Hidden ambitions:

...And simple pleasures:

When you felt like a regular in the best kind of way:

And realized that dreams do come true:

When your driver said just the right words:

Yet understood that your true love language is actually cheese:

When a stranger gave you an unexpected smile:

...Egg McMuffin:

...Or something else entirely (say what?):

No matter what made you happy last month, here's to more of it. See you in spring!


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