The Happiest Tweets of March

The Happiest Tweets of March

Spring is in the air! Last month you were busy getting green for St. Paddy’s Day, celebrating and empowering women, geeking out at SXSW, and stuffing your face on Pi Day. And despite all of that March Madness, you still found time for social media. Introducing the happiest moments of March:

That time you discovered your new favorite restaurant:

...And worshipped the ol' standby:

When you felt a sudden nostalgia for your Walkman:

...Because Boyz II Men just GOT it:

That time you shouted your gratitude:

...Without saying a thing:

Or when you gave the gift of Golden Arches:

...And karma returned the favor:

That time you decided to turn up:

...Because you just couldn't fight it:

That time we stopped and said "WTF?"

...Okay, more than one time:

Or when your mind was blown:

And your day was made:

Because you realized we've all got a lot in common:

...And sometimes all it takes is the right Lyft:

Here's hoping that April is just as delightful. See you next month!

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