Meet Rami: Shaman and #LyftPortland Driver

Meet Rami: Shaman and #LyftPortland Driver

“The city has a festival vibe,” Lyft driver Rami says about Portland. “You don’t know what you’re gonna see.” He’s not kidding: Rami once witnessed a group of people riding double-decker bicycles in full elf costumes. 

Originally a Buffalo, New York native, Rami became interested in the ancient spiritual practice of shamanism. He studied with Incan healers to become a certified shaman, then moved to San Diego to play music in a friend’s band. When he made a visit to Portland he fell in love with the city, so he relocated again and opened up a shaman practice in a wellness center. Portland’s been home ever since.

Aside from the city’s distinct vibe, Rami loves the nature around Portland. The varied landscape changes from forest to desert to coast, and he’s constantly finding new hikes and adventures.

Rami’s #MySecretPortland Tip:
To see why Rami’s head over heels for Portland, check out Washington Park for a view of the whole city. For summertime fun, he also recommends taking advantage of the Sandy River. Pro tip: Locals often take two cars, parking one at the end of the river and one at the top. You can float down and then collect both cars.

Learn more about your Portland Lyft community by filling out your Lyft profile, and help unlock the city by sharing pics of your favorite Portland hidden gems using #MySecretPortland. 

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