Meet Veronica: Roller Derby Player and #LyftPortland Driver

Meet Veronica: Roller Derby Player and #LyftPortland Driver

If you’re game for an unusual hobby, the people of Portland can teach you a thing or two. 

Case in point: Meet Veronica, a Lyft driver and hard-hitting roller derby girl. Veronica skates for the Break Neck Betties, one of the best — and most competitive — derby teams in Portland. When she’s not at the track, you might find her out on the town at CC Slaughters nightclub, or enjoying the many parks tucked throughout the city.

Veronica was born and raised in California, but Portland’s eclectic character stole her heart. “You get sucked into the weird aura,” she says. Just going for a walk through the neighborhoods reveals all sorts of oddities, including funky architecture and food carts galore.

Veronica’s #MySecretPortland Tip:
For a taste of Portland’s wilder side, Veronica recommends checking out the skatepark under Burnside Bridge. The graffiti-covered halfpipes and the skaters who master them are “amazing to see.”

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