Oklahoma Signs Ridesharing Bill Into Law

Today, Governor Mary Fallin signed legislation authorizing peer-to-peer transportation in the Sooner State. Oklahoma now joins Arizona, Maryland, Colorado, Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Utah and states across the country that have embraced the benefits ridesharing brings to their communities.

Lyft's vision - from Oklahoma City to Oakland - is to fill every empty seat on the road and empower every driver, but we can only do that if the Lyft experience is inclusive and diverse. While we appreciate the work done by state leaders in Oklahoma to welcome ridesharing, we are disappointed the final bill did not include important, anti-discrimination language that had been part of the original draft.

Knowing Lyft is a welcoming experience is the reason drivers open up the empty seats in their cars, and the reason passengers choose to carpool. It’s why 30 percent of Lyft drivers - two times that of our nearest competitor and 30 times more than the for-hire transportation market - are women. It’s also why, as stated in our terms of service, discrimination of any type is not allowed on the Lyft platform.

It’s important for you to know that no matter the city or state, your rights as part of the Lyft community do not change. We do not tolerate discriminatory behavior from drivers or passengers, and will take immediate action if such incidents occur. This includes not being able to discriminate based on age, race, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation or gender identity. Even in cases where local legislators have not included these principles in law, our commitment to an inclusive environment will not change.

We’re excited that all Oklahomans will continue to have access to ridesharing as an affordable, reliable option and look forward to watching the Lyft community grow and thrive in the state for years to come.

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