Lyft for Good: Drivers Repair Flood Damage

Lyft for Good: Drivers Repair Flood Damage

Last week, deep in the heart of Texas, Austin drivers gave back to their community in the wake of bad weather. After the last few weeks of heavy rain blanketed the Lonestar state, severe flooding left Pease Park devastated. That’s when 35 Austin drivers jumped on board to help with the flood cleanup efforts. 

Just in time for Lyft Austin’s one year anniversary, drivers rallied together, partnering with Pease Park Conservancy, to repair flood damages, clean up debris, and help repave trails throughout the park.  

Austin residents started Pease Park Conservancy in 2008 in an effort to save the park from harsh weather damage and prevent further degradation over time. The combined efforts of these drivers and the Pease Park Conservancy left the park clean with freshly-paved trails, and were much appreciated by the many Austin residents who run along them.

We’d like to thank these drivers for volunteering their time and energy to restore Pease Park, and encourage other drivers across the country to find local volunteer initiatives that allow them to give back to their communities.

The Lyft for Good program grew from self-led volunteer initiatives we've seen from Lyft drivers in their communities. Lyft drivers have gone above and beyond in communities nationwide to perform these acts of kindness, so we wanted to support those efforts by creating a channel for even more drivers and passengers to give back in the future. Every two weeks, our Lyft for Good series will highlight these remarkable drivers and their impact in their communities.

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