Portland: 10 Tips for the Best Summer Ever

Portland: 10 Tips for the Best Summer Ever

From saving up for that dream vacation to just connecting with your city, the reasons you choose to drive and ride with Lyft are as unique as you are. We’re celebrating drivers and passengers from the Lyft community by sharing their reasons for choosing Lyft. Head to WhyILyft.com to see more stories, and to share your own.

Portland resident Bob embodies much of what makes the city so, well, “Portland.” He plays in a band, is into craft brews, hikes and bikes, supports local business, and loves bringing people in his communities closer together. So it’s only fitting that he took up Lyft driving as soon as Lyft launched in the Rose City.

Driving with Lyft allows Bob to create a flexible schedule that fits around his band’s rehearsals and shows, and it helps him get to know people. “I’ve met people — even people who only live a block away from my apartment — who I would have never otherwise met. Lyft breaks through those barriers that prevent us from interacting.”

This summer, get in the Portland spirit by bringing a friend and checking off each of the items on Bob’s list of must-do activities for the best summer in Portland. Who knows — maybe you’ll even meet a friendly face and make a new friend along the way?

  1. Get active! Find a fun trail run in Forest Park. There are more than 70 square miles to explore, and the park is just five minutes away from downtown.
  2. And if you’re hungry after all that relaxing and unwinding, stop for breakfast at Pine State Biscuit in Alberta Arts District.Get the Reggie!
  3. Channel your inner childhood explorer and discover all The Goonies filming locations in Astoria.
  4. Fuel up with the best pour-over coffee on earth at Coava Coffee on SE Grand Ave.
  5. Toss around a frisbee at Mt. Tabor Park on Wednesdays, when the park is open to foot and bike traffic only.
  6. Relax and unwind with a tranquil Saturday morning stroll at the Japanese Gardens in Washington Park.
  7. Grab a few beers with friends on the porch of Sasquach Brewing Co. in Hillsdale.
  8. Choose between more than 60 different food carts for lunch at SW Alder between 9th & 10th Ave. Yes, the food trucks here take up an entire city block.
  9. All that food and drink, oh my! Time to hike it off along the Wahkeena Trail to the Multnomah Falls overlook in Columbia Gorge. Get your Instagrams ready!
  10. Grab a few friends and treat yourself to an oven-baked pizza dinner at Oven & Shaker in the Pearl.

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