The Happiest Tweets of May

The Happiest Tweets of May

April showers brought May flowers—and good times galore. You explored your city, read from cover to cover, celebrated the boss moms in your life, and set out to brighten breast cancer patients’ days. Somewhere between letting out your inner geek, taking notes on entrepreneurship, and lending a helping hand, you found time to tweet. Here are your happiest moments of May:

When you realized your true love is actually a burger:

And the kind soul that gets you there:

When you were transported back in time:

And remembered no debate will ever be as great as Nick vs. Justin:

When you threw it back to high school:

And got older in style:

When your jam came on:

And truly YOLO'd:

When you made a new friend:

And found your long-lost twin:

When you shared passions:

And supported each other's dreams:

When you got so excited:


When something random made your day:

And then you realized—the journey might even be better than the destination:

And that’s a wrap for May. We’ll see you in the summer!

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