San Francisco Pride: Meet Erika

San Francisco Pride: Meet Erika

The Lyft community has always been one where people feel free to be themselves. This pride month, we’re partnering with six major pride festivals across the nation to make sure you have a ride as unique as you are. Each week, we’ll highlight an LGBT driver to bring you their story.

Lyft driver Erika is a trailblazer. Literally. Right now, she's on a trail somewhere between Belgium and Paris. This avid cycler is on a 3-month, 2,200-mile solo bike ride from Amsterdam to Athens. Her motivation for the trip? “To leave everything comfortable. I’ve always wanted to do something epic.”

Erika’s free-spirited ways haven’t always come so easily. Before signing up with Lyft in the fall of 2013, she held various office positions as an executive assistant and childcare professional, but she never really felt like she could be herself. “There was always a certain expectation of how I should look, how I should act. When I started driving with Lyft, I could be whoever I wanted.”

And she has. In the past two years as a driver, she’s become an active member of Lyft’s LGBT community, a founder of a women’s cycling club called SheSpoke, and a team leader in the AIDS/LifeCycle ride from San Francisco to LA, where she led 47 people and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

The flexibility of Lyft allows her to pursue causes she cares about, but it’s the support of the Lyft community Erika values the most. “The people I’ve met through driving are so genuine. I don’t worry about what people think of me, my sexual orientation, or what I wear. I feel lucky to have a place like that.”

Looking to celebrate Friday’s historic ruling? Get a ride to your local city hall, on us!

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