#MoreGoodDays with LA Driver Trielle

#MoreGoodDays with LA Driver Trielle

Trielle Lewis is a fighter. The breast cancer survivor battled surgery and chemo, beating Stage 1 breast cancer into remission, and even took funding her treatment into her own hands.

She didn’t take the backseat during her year-long healing process, either. Trielle got behind the wheel, driving with Lyft to cover her hospital bills. 

With a flexible way to cover the cost, Trielle powered through a mastectomy, serving as a symbol of strength for her friends and family. But, there was one challenge she couldn’t conquer on her own: rides to chemotherapy. Trielle had to rely on her daughter-in-law for those trips. “Sometimes your family can’t make it,” she says. “I know how important it is to have a support system and a reliable ride.”

Through #MoreGoodDays, Ford Warriors in Pink® is donating up to 10,000 Lyft rides to breast cancer patients in need. Trielle supports this because it helps patients reclaim their independence.

With Lyft, that feeling of being a burden is completely removed from the equation. Patients regain the space and strength they need to heal.

Trielle remains unstoppable to this day. Now that she’s won her fight against breast cancer, she’s shifted her focus to spreading happiness to others. She’s big on family time, planning road trips across the state to see her kids.

And she’s taking on social media: Find her on Instagram as @trielleisfree, where she shares uplifting messages for current breast cancer patients — and firsthand tips for having #MoreGoodDays.

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