Meet The All-Stars

Meet The All-Stars

The results are in. On Tuesday, the MLB players you voted on will compete in one of baseball’s most historic and beloved events: the 86th Annual MLB All-Star Game. We’ll be keeping the party going in Cincinnati with magenta cars and fun events with Budweiser's Make a Plan to Make it Home campaign, so you won’t miss a minute of your favorite baseball legends.

But the players on the field aren’t the only VIPs in Cincinnati. We’re bringing Lyft’s all-stars to your all-stars. Here are the stats on a few of the best and brightest drivers you might get if you’re headed to Great American Ball Park:

NAME: Richard Mliner


HOME RUNS: Water, mints, wi-fi in-car for passengers

Richard started driving with Lyft after his wife suggested he’d be good at it. “It became addicting,” he said. “My wife told me I seemed a lot happier, so two months later I quit my job and started driving full-time.” Richard’s been an all-star ever since: a passenger favorite, he enjoys everything from driving famous politicians to joining his passengers’ in-car Taylor Swift singalongs. Besides meeting new people, driving with Lyft gives Richard more time to do the things he loves — like spending time with his family and enjoying all Cincinnati has to offer.


NAME: Christopher Slaughter


HOME RUNS: Water, candy, and LED party lights throughout the car

For Chris, every ride is “a chance to change someone’s day.” This all-star started driving to put himself through graduate school, where he’s dual majoring in arts and business, and was soon hooked. “I love that I’m able to meet so many different people, learn a little about their lives, and hopefully make them a bit better.” When he’s not giving memorable rides to his Cincinnati passengers, he can be found cheering on his favorite team, the San Francisco Giants. You can bet he’ll be tuned into the All-Star Game festivities all weekend.

Taking a Lyft ride to watch the All-Star Game? Tell us about your own all-star drivers!

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