#WhyILyft: From Chicago Driver Ethan

Like most people, Ethan loved cartoons as a kid. But unlike most, that childhood pastime led to a unique talent: he learned to mimic the characters’ voices flawlessly. Now, as an adult, Ethan's pursuing his dream of becoming a voice actor, and the networking opportunities and flexible schedule of Lyft are helping him get there.

We caught up with Ethan to get the scoop on his Lyft story:

Q: Why did you first start driving with Lyft?

A: I saw a good opportunity and I take a good opportunity.

Q: What's been your favorite Lyft experience so far?

A: When I gave the guitarist of Smoke Green a Lyft ride. It made my week to talk music with such a rad guy.

Q: What’s the vibe like inside your Lyft ride? Do you do anything special for passengers?

A: I usually perform my voices and some jokes for my passengers. I also play in my friend's funky fresh band, Zoo. So my rides are all good vibes and laughter.

Q: What's the most memorable thing a passenger has ever done for you?

A: The best thing a passenger's ever done for me was when I was driving in the early morning. She wanted a donut and got me one too. Best. Tip. Ever.


What's your #WhyILyft story? Share yours and read others from around the nation at WhyILyft.com.

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