#WhyILyft: The Drive for Dad Project

#WhyILyft: The Drive for Dad Project

Alzheimer's is a cruel disease. Philadelphia driver Montez knows this — her father was diagnosed eight years ago. Since then, she’s watched him slowly fade away, first forgetting small details, then important milestones, family members, and his own interests.

Today, Montez remembers her father as a selfless man who always put her first. “Nothing mattered more to him than my education. He wanted me to have a better future than what he had growing up. He was always asking, ‘Tez, did you do your homework? Did you make it to class on time?’”

Montez is determined to thank him for his support. Through the Drive for Dad project, she’s donating 100% of her Lyft earnings to pay off the college loans her father took out for her. It’s a gift of gratitude, and a tribute to a lifetime of love.

Watch her journey below, and learn more or contribute on the Drive for Dad website.


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