The Happiest Tweets of July

The Happiest Tweets of July

You might’ve gained five pounds last month. No, really. Between National Cheesecake Day, National Ice Cream Day, frappuccinos galore, and celebrating America through burgers, July had no shortage of summer treats. Luckily, you were busy running around at Comic-Con, cheering on the MLB All-Stars, and making new friends at every turn. Here are your happiest moments of it all, as told through your tweets:

When someone knew exactly what you needed:

Before you even said a thing:

When you were treated to a private concert:

Or better yet, karaoke:

When you appreciated the little things:

And also the big, important things:

That time you went head over heels:

Or just wallet to drive-thru:

When you met someone very different:

And discovered how much you had in common:

And then you realized — sometimes the best lessons come from the most unexpected places:

Summer might be ending, but we have a feeling your happy moments are here to stay. Here's to more in August!

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