The Happiest Tweets of August

The Happiest Tweets of August

Ah, the endless summer. At least, that’s what August felt like. Between soaking up the sun and hitting up all those summer barbecues, you somehow found time to rock out in a recording studio on wheels, win tickets to the big game, drive for what (and who) you love, and celebrate anniversaries, women’s equality, and opportunities for all.

Need more proof that the last true month of summer is the best one? Look no further than these moments.

That time you paid homage to the queens:

And the kings:

And of course the golden oldies:

Or when you had an epiphany:

And you let the world know:

That time you talked about the important things:

And the truly dire issues:

When you realized you'd kill it on Jeopardy!:

But you already felt like a winner:

Or when you felt all the good vibes:

And knew the world was smiling upon you:

When a connection took you by surprise:

And a stranger turned your day around:

And then you realized — this is what it's all about:

Here's to more happy moments as the seasons turn. We'll see you next month!

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