Miami: Your Back-to-School Survival Guide

Miami: Your Back-to-School Survival Guide

Back-to-school season is upon us! To make sure you start the year off right, we’ve gathered the top tips you need to know for a picture-perfect school year in the city.


The start of school means the start of football. Don’t miss Friday, September 11th’s game between the University of Miami and Florida Atlantic, or the University of Miami vs Nebraska game on September 19th.


South Beach can get a little crazy with crowds, so if you’re looking for a local spot, look no further than Key Biscayne. With two major beaches – Bill Braggs and Crandon Park – fun in the sun is guaranteed.


One of the best parts of Miami is the cuisine. For an authentic and tasty Cuban sandwich, try Havana Harry’s in Coral Gables. If you need a little boost before your morning classes, head into a coffee shop for a cortadito, a local specialty. With a little milk and plenty of espresso, it’s sure to get you going!

Lyft will be on campus at the University of Miami and Florida International University throughout the week of September 7th. Look out for the Lyft booth for fun swag and ride credits!

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