A Look Back at Our Top 10 Moments And Milestones of 2015

A Look Back at Our Top 10 Moments And Milestones of 2015

Before we get too far into 2016, let’s take a moment to celebrate the wonderful whirlwind that was 2015. Here are a few of our favorite moments and milestones:

Graduating to the Glowstache

The giant Carstache put Lyft on the map, but it proved to be hard to shave and clean (especially on snow days). Creative Director Jesse McMillin, who came to us two years ago from Virgin America, helped us kick off the year with a fresh new icon: the Glowstache.

Building Leadership

In 2015 we added COO Rex Tibbens from Amazon, VPs from Groupon, LinkedIn, Nike, Facebook, Twitter and more, plus GMs in nearly every city. Whew!

Friends with Transit

More than 20% of Lyft rides begin and end at mass transit stops. We broke new ground partnering with local transit agencies this year, and launched a cheeky campaign to capture the attention of commuters.

New Homes in Nashville and Seattle

A growing customer care team brought us to a brand new support center in Nashville, and we made a second home for engineering in the Emerald City.

Express Pay and Driver Stats

With Express Pay, the first-of-its-kind feature brought the same flexibility and control Lyft drivers love to their finances. Driver Stats gave drivers easy access to track progress toward goals and bonuses, and passengers got a brand new app.

Teaming Up with Starbucks

After we announced our partnership with Starbucks in July, we celebrated drivers by giving each one Gold Status. Keep an eye out for more from Lyft + Starbucks in the months and years to come.


Expanding Our Footprint in the US — and Beyond

This year we welcomed Portland, Reno, Philadelphia, and Las Vegas to the Lyft family, launched Lyft Line in D.C., New York, Chicago, Austin, and Boston, and signed international partnerships with local market leaders GrabTaxi, Didi Kuaidi, and Ola to cover 50% of the globe.

Austin AIDS Walk and More Good Vibes

This fall, Austin Lyft drivers organized an inspiring group to dedicate their time and money to a good cause, raising $4,000 for Austin’s AIDS walk. Unsurprisingly, the community service didn’t stop there, and this year included #MoreGoodDays, #RidestoSuccess, and free rides for Red Cross disaster volunteers and veterans.

A Little Something Extra

Your rides got a bit more exciting in 2015 with gifts galore, apocalypse-worthy zombies, surprise deliveries from Justin Bieber, 1985 DeLoreans, some very well-tuned magic, and even a few celebrity drivers.

Countless Moments of Delight

Who could forget driver and passenger duo Hinton and Christy in Austin, who saved a kitten from the perils of the highway? Or Kyle, Devin, and Mike, whose Denver Lyft ride turned into a future business? In 2015, magic moments were everywhere.

What a ride!

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