Chicago Ideas Week

Chicago Ideas Week

We love Ideas Week and we think you will too. Check these 5 events you won't want to miss:

1. Solving the Impossible through Social Entrepreneurship - Watch a few CEOs & company founders chat about entrepreneurship and solutions-driven frameworks of social ventures. 

2. Yoga and Meditation Workshop with Kigali, Rwanda -  Get your yoga on with Kigali, Rwanda and learn how you can take your mediation to the next level. 

3.  Science of Choice - Do you have free will? Learn from cutting-edge scientists about the forces at play inside your brain that influence your choices.

4. An "Inside" Look at Lurie Children's Medical Imaging- Take a tour of Lurie Children's Hospital and use real X-ray and ultrasound machines.

5. Choreography with Hanna Brictson at Visceral Dance Chicago - Are you a dancer? You'll love this one. Visceral Dance is all about encouraging young dancers. Listen to Hanna Brictson and bring out your inner dancer. 

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